A complete custom ERP system

Custom ERP from Steen Foodmasters

Every day it scans thousands of products, automatically processes invoices, sets dynamic prices and handles webshop orders. We are the developers of this software!

Groothandel in voedingswaren | Steen Food Masters

Steen Foodmasters is a leading food wholesaler operating in both Flanders and the Netherlands. With an impressive range of more than 20,000 products, customers can count on a versatile selection. Countless orders are placed every day, which are seamlessly integrated and processed via the ERP system that we have custom developed for this SME. In addition, we provide specialized software for scanning and processing all products, providing an end-to-end solution for their business processes.


An overview


A specialized team is working daily to collect products purchased by customers. For this crucial process, we developed a custom application that runs on Zebra barcode scanners. This application allows us to keep real-time inventory data and monitor outgoing shipments.

Efficiency is paramount in order picking; every second counts. Delays in this process can lead to untimely deliveries. Therefore, we automatically generate the necessary documentation to ensure that goods are shipped with the correct transport.

Management also has the ability to monitor the status of order picking live. This makes it possible to intervene proactively and optimize the order pickers' workflow, if necessary.


Products constantly arrive at Steen Foodmasters and it is essential that they are processed efficiently. Our software automates this process by extracting important data such as temperature and lot numbers directly from the GS1 code and integrating it into the system.


In addition to phone orders, Steen Foodmasters offers a web shop where customers can purchase their products at the right prices. The emphasis in developing the web shop was on speed and ease of use. Customers have the ability to view current promotions, their personal lists and invoices and place orders online anytime, anywhere.


Invoicing is fully automated to ensure a smooth flow. Invoices are automatically generated based on orders placed and seamlessly integrated into the accounting system for further processing.

Customer Management

It is crucial that customers can be easily located and their orders processed in a structured manner. Our software provides a clear and user-friendly customer management system to meet these needs.


With an advanced system like this, support is indispensable. We are ready to support the Steen Foodmasters team on a daily basis. Any problems are solved quickly and efficiently to ensure business continuity.


Steen Foodmasters had already had a web shop developed by us several years ago, which reinforced their confidence to entrust further digitization of their business to us. After evaluating existing solutions, they opted for a customized system by Code-on. This gives Steen Foodmasters the flexibility to grow their business in a way that suits them best.

An ambitious project such as Steen Foodmasters is undoubtedly challenging. However, through a combination of strong cooperation, mutual trust and a good dose of perseverance, we can achieve exceptional results.

Hilde K
project manager

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