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Dessomville a wholesaler of food products in Aalst

We built a beautiful webshop for Dessomville in Aalst.


Dessomville - Delivering authentic taste and service. Code-on built a web shop for Dessomville that can talk to their ERP system. Many hundreds of customers order their food items daily through the web shop that Code-on built.
Dessomville is synonymous with quality products and is known for delivering the authentic flavors that customers expect from them. With the goal of maintaining this quality and service in all aspects of their business, we worked with Code-on to create a high-quality web shop.
Our web shop is seamlessly integrated with our ERP system. This allows us to provide real-time inventory management, order history tracking and customer level information. This allows us to anticipate our customers' needs and dynamically adjust our offerings.
Every day, hundreds of customers choose to order their food items from Dessomville through the web shop built by Code-on. This online environment is designed with the customer in mind, with easy navigation, secure payment methods and a transparent ordering process. In addition, customers can find detailed product information and even see special offers and promotions.
At Dessomville, we strive to be the best at what we do. So whether you're with us in-store or ordering online, you can count on always receiving the highest quality products and the authentic flavors we promise to deliver. Check out our webshop today and see for yourself why so many customers love us!


Dessomville is a highly regarded family business that has been providing a diverse range of fine meats, fresh produce and specialty products to its customers since 1968. Founded by Marc Dessomville, the company has grown from a small warehouse next to their home to a modern facility with a fleet of refrigerated trucks. Dessomville is more than just a supplier; it is a trusted partner that values the success of its customers. The company's core values revolve around tangible care, surprising inspiration and authentic relationships.

Customer goals:

Dessomville strives to deliver exceptional quality and craftsmanship to its customers by putting together a selection of products sourced from both local and international suppliers. The company has established its own quality label, Mi Gusto, which represents a carefully chosen collection of products that have been thoroughly tested by a panel of experts. Dessomville strives to offer distinctive and unique products that make a lasting impression on customers and encourage repeat business.

Key features and benefits:

Quality and craftsmanship:

Dessomville prides itself on selecting products based on authentic recipes and traditional methods. The company ensures that every item in its assortment meets the highest quality standards. By offering the Mi Gusto quality label, Dessomville offers customers a guarantee of excellence, which fosters trust and loyalty.

Service-oriented approach:

Dessomville goes beyond expectations to meet the specific needs of its customers. Known for their proactive mindset, the company's team actively seeks the best solutions tailored to each client's requirements. Dessomville stands out for its unique communication style and entrepreneurial spirit. It supports and encourages its clients to stand out by offering innovative and surprising promotions, products and marketing strategies.

Unmatched assortment:

Dessomville has a wide range of products that cater to different tastes and preferences. By offering a wide range of fine meats, fresh produce and other specialty products, the company ensures that customers have a wide choice. This diverse assortment allows customers to serve their own unique clientele, strengthening their competitiveness and promoting customer satisfaction.

Results and impact:

Dessomville's commitment to authenticity, taste and service has cemented its position as a trusted partner for those seeking exceptional culinary experiences. By curating a collection of high-quality products, creating the Mi Gusto quality label and providing personalized service, Dessomville has built a loyal customer base that appreciates their commitment to excellence. The company's focus on individuality and character sets it apart from competitors, allowing customers to stand out in the marketplace and attract discerning customers. Dessomville's reputation as a reliable and innovative partner continues to grow, giving the company a leading position in the industry.

Future perspective:

is committed to its ongoing mission to deliver authenticity, taste and service. The company will continue to expand its assortment to reflect the latest culinary trends and customer preferences. Dessomville will further strengthen its relationships with customers by providing them with support and inspiration to thrive in their respective markets. Embracing entrepreneurship and staying true to its core values, Dessomville looks forward to sharing its passion for fine meats and specialties with an ever-expanding customer base.

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