Website project

Octave energy website for new energy

Working closely together, we built this website for Subsequently, the client continued programming by himself and we provide support for this


Meet Octave Energy - the sustainable future of energy storage! Our innovative company installs pioneering Sustainable Energy Storage systems that are revolutionizing the way we store and use energy. With Octave Energy, you are assured of reliable, safe and sustainable energy storage that not only protects the environment, but also your business. Our dedicated team of experts will ensure the perfect installation of your Battery Energy Storage system and guide you through the entire process.


In addition to the website, we are also building out a dashboard for . Here customers can always see the status of their battery.
Through this dashboard, customers are given the ability to track their battery status and energy consumption in real time. This allows them to optimize their energy management and be more efficient with their power consumption.
The dashboard's user interface is simple and intuitive, designed to give the user a clear overview of all relevant data. This includes statistics on battery power, charging status and energy consumption trends.
In addition, this dashboard allows customers to receive notifications about important updates or changes in their energy status. For example, when the battery is low or when there are spikes in energy consumption. This can help them react proactively to such situations and avoid unnecessary energy consumption.
Finally, the dashboard also allows customers to share their energy data with their energy supplier or technician. This makes it easier to identify and resolve any problems.
With all this, aims to provide its customers with complete transparency and control over their energy consumption, guiding them towards more efficient energy management.