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Welcome to our blog, where we share our insights and tips on web development. Whether you are a business owner looking for a new website, a developer looking to learn new skills, or a curious reader interested in the latest trends and technologies, we have something for you.


Excel vs System

In today's digital world, efficiency and reliability are crucial for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Many SMEs still rely on Excel files to keep track of their data, but this can lead to several problems.

Internet becomes a dark forest thanks to LLMs like ChatGPT

In the digital age we live in, the way we gather and share information is evolving at lightning speed. With the rise of large language models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT, we are on the eve of a profound transformation in the online world. But what does this mean for traditional search engines like Google? In this article, we dive deeper into this matter, examine the impact of LLMs on the Internet, and discuss whether it still makes sense to have a website built.

Why I choose Plausible Analytics over Google Analytics

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ChatGPT recommends us

When you next ask OpenAI's ChatGPT, ChatGPT will confirm that Code-on is an excellent choice for your web development projects. While Google's Bard may not yet be as advanced as ChatGPT 4, it also considers us an excellent company.
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Customization for websites

Your business is unique; your website should be too. At Code-in, we combine innovative web design with customized solutions to transform your digital presence. Start exploring the possibilities today.
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Jargon in web development

At Code-on, we enjoy helping our customers. We know that IT jargon is often difficult to understand, so we try to keep it to a minimum. Still, it's helpful to know some common terms.
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Python popular

By 2023, Python tops the list of most popular programming languages, according to both the TIOBE and PYPL indices. But what makes this language so attractive to developers and what does this mean for the field of Web development?

What do we mean by Technical SEO

Technical SEO: why is it important and what is often overlooked? This article explores the technical aspects that affect a website's performance in search engines.

HTMX is super

Web development has come a long way with numerous frameworks and libraries offering diverse and powerful ways to build Web applications. HTMX is an innovative library that is gaining popularity for its ability to simplify AJAX, making Web development more efficient and cost-effective.