Customized websites

Website with custom AI integration

From idea to implementation: customized with Wagtail and Django.

Customized websites

A Web site today is an increasingly complex entity. It requires different roles and a thoughtful strategy to build it. It involves not only programming but also design, copywriting, marketing, SEO. That's why our focus is tailoring the website. Not only are you then ready to be short on time but you can easily create and manage pages with our CMS. Do you have nut to an AI ChatGPT, Gemini integration in the CMS then that is possible too.

  • Custom designed
  • SEO optimization
  • Copywriting
  • Optimized for speed
  • Responsive and interactive
  • High-quality user-friendly CMS
  • OpenAI, ChatGPT, Gemini, integration

Save countless hours with our AI CMS integration

Discover the power of AI integration in your CMS with Wagtail. We make it possible to take your content to the next level using OpenAI, Google Gemini, or other advanced LLMs. Imagine your texts automatically reshaped into attractive styles, titles become more engaging, and SEO meta-titles and descriptions are skillfully optimized by AI. Even creating tail pages based on keywords and generating matching photos becomes effortless. With us and Wagtail, your content becomes irresistible.

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Our web design services


You are the expert on your business. We deliver the strategy based on that.

Web design

We will custom wireframe and design the website before coding.


Together with our partners, we can set up SEA and social media campaigns. Or how about A/B testing?


Writing smooth SEO tests, coming up with slogans. Work with us for copywriting.

Web Development

This is what we love most of all! We build your custom website.

ChatGPT integration

CMS with AI integration makes content creation so much easier.

Reach your customer

At Code-on, we specialize in custom programming. For websites, we use the open source CMS Wagtail, which is the #1 CMS in the python language. Wagtail lends itself ideally to giving a lot of attention to flexible structures and SEO. So that your website can easily be found on the Internet. But Wagtail also allows us programmers to easily add extensions or new page structures to the website. Therefore, you can always count on us to expand the website.


How much does a website cost at Code-on?

Low Complexity

We work on the basis of Wagtail. You can create an unlimited number of pages, with various components. Ideal for an SME, marketing website or project website.
Starts from
€ 6 000

Average Complexity

We work with Wagtail CMS and automate a number of business objectives. You get a more diverse scale of page types. We also take full advantage of API and frontend techniques to build the website with VUE and NUXT. Ideal for somewhat larger companies or projects.
Starts from
€ 14 000

High Complexity

Wagtail will be used to its full potential. We are going 100% for SPA techniques and expect that the site will have many different types of pages with their own structure. A/B testing will be considered, interactive elements will be written as well as custom made API and integrations. Ideal for large organizations with a lot of content or interactions.
Starts from
€ 30 000

Do you also want a website from Code-on

Do you have an intressant website you want us to design for you. Do you have a specific question about building that website. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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