Custom software

Custom software applications

Tailored to your SME, we develop software

Web applications customized for your business

Code-on builds custom software. This is ideal for companies that want more control over their processes. For example, you can have reporting tools created or complete custom ERP systems that manage all your business processes.

  • ERP development
  • Business process automation
  • Digital transformation
  • API connections & integrations
  • CRM connections
  • Accounting integrations

Creating business web applications

Code-on has extensive experience building software for business. Whether it's reports or complete ERP systems, you can rest assured that with our software approach, you'll quickly have new tools to run your business the way you want. To do this, we use the power of Python, which is the most widely used language in the world. Together with the Django framework, we have a winning team.


Need business software?

Do you need certain automation. Want to have co-workers work with a tool or build reports within your company?

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