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Python has over the years reached the top 3 most widely used languages worldwide.

Python web development

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Python, along with Javascript and Java, is the most widely used language worldwide. Python has become known because the language is very readable and easy to learn. This without losing its power. Thus, it is the absolute number one in big data and AI development. Python is therefore the preferred language for software development.

At Code-on, we have specialized in using Python from the beginning. It allows us, as developers, to express ourselves creatively to the maximum extent possible and makes the software easy to maintain.

With Python, we can create any kind of web application we want. We usually do that with Django, but FastAPI is also allowed. Python lends itself extremely well to building quality software.

Why Python

Python number 1 language

Worldwide, Python is the most widely used programming language


Python allows prototyping


Python is primarily a stable mature language.


Thanks to its readability, Python is ideal for long-term projects

Eco system

Python has an incredibly large mature eco system


With AI, big data and web development, Python is a sure choice for the future

Our services in Python

We are a Python software developer.

When we develop web applications, we obviously do it with Python. That's why we offer you a number of Python services.


Prototyping and MVP

If you want to have a prototype developed or a Minimal viable product, this is the ideal choice with Python

Software migration

Want to remake old software? We convert it into Python

Raspberry PI

Did you know that Python is the ideal choice on the Raspberry PI? For example, we did a project with 700 Raspberry PI.

Data analysis and visualization

Do you need data analysis and visualization in the process? Then Python is the ideal choice

Need business software?

Do you need certain automation. Want to have co-workers work with a tool or build reports within your company?

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