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Customized content management enhanced by AI

Wagtail AI is a revolutionary way to empower your content creation process with the power of artificial intelligence. With Wagtail CMS, users are going to enjoy the advanced capabilities offered by AI to write, correct and perfect their content.

Wagtail AI: Enhance your content with AI superpowers

In a world where content is king, Wagtail AI offers a revolutionary way to empower your content creation process with the power of artificial intelligence. Wagtail AI is an innovative tool that integrates seamlessly with Wagtail's content management system, allowing users to enjoy the advanced capabilities of AI to write, correct and perfect their content.

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Functionalities of Wagtail AI

Wagtail AI enables automatic completion of unfinished texts, correction of spelling and grammar, and provides the ability to add custom prompts. All this is supported by a range of Large Language Models (LLMs) such as local models, OpenAI, Mistral, Claude and many others. It makes Wagtail AI a versatile tool for anyone looking to take their content to the next level.

Wagtail AI: More than just a correction tool

In addition to correcting spelling and grammar, Wagtail AI also allows users to get AI-driven inspiration. By entering prompts directly into the Wagtail editor, Wagtail AI generates suggested content based on your topic. This makes it a valuable tool for idea generation and content refinement.

Future functions and development

The team behind Wagtail AI is constantly developing new features such as intelligent content recommendations, improved content workflows, natural language search, and "Conversations with your content," where you can ask questions and receive answers based on the content on your Wagtail site. These future features promise to make Wagtail AI even more powerful and useful for content creators. At Code-on, in addition to what the Wagtail AI module offers, we can go ahead and develop specific things on our own, such as automatic tail page generation.

Join the Wagtail AI revolution

Wagtail AI was recently presented during a live webinar on Feb. 7, where users such as The Motley Fool and the Royal National Institute for Blind People demonstrated how they use AI for their content creation. It is clear that Wagtail AI is not only a tool for improving content quality, but also a platform for innovation and creativity in content creation.

If you are interested in exploring the possibilities of AI-driven content creation, Wagtail AI is an excellent starting point. Integrating with Wagtail and supporting a wide range of LLMs, Wagtail AI provides a powerful and flexible solution for anyone looking to enhance their content with the superpowers of AI. If you want to get started on this with us you just need to contact us.

AI LLMs CMS integration

Title suggestions by AI

Let AI make suggestions for the titles of your content to increase attractiveness and relevance.

Correction and rewriting

Improve and rewrite your content in the desired tone using AI, for clear and targeted communication.

Automate relative links

Let the AI automatically suggest relationships for related content

Automatic meta titles

Optimize your SEO through automatically generated meta titles and descriptions, which increase the visibility and findability of your content.

Image Generation

Automatically create accompanying images for your content, contributing to a visually appealing presentation.

Generation of tail pages

Automatically develop tail pages, including photos, based on specific locations and keywords to increase your reach within targeted niches.


To use Wagtail AI, you need an OpenAI account or another provider this provides an API token. The cost is based on the number of tokens used. For example, OpenAI charges $0.002 for every 1,000 tokens, where a word counts about 1.3 tokens. This means that correcting a 1,000-word paragraph can cost about $0.0053, a small price to pay for improving your content. Maw for a few Euro you can save countless hours.

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