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Why Code-on for Plausible Analytics instead of Google Analytics

In the world of website analytics, there is a growing need for privacy and simplicity. That's why I choose Plausible Analytics as the privacy-friendly alternative to Google Analytics. With Plausible, you get insightful data without violating your visitors' privacy, backed by a transparent, European service.


Many companies, including marketing companies, seem to use Google Analytics only sporadically. In addition, for many, exactly how Google Analytics works is a mystery. This leads me to a more user-friendly and convenient alternative: Plausible.

An important consideration is why Google offers its analytics service for free. Its purpose is not to help businesses, but rather to collect data. Opposed to this is Plausible, a privacy-oriented alternative that does not collect personal data or use cookies, and respects visitors' privacy.

Plausible is distinguished by the following characteristics:

  • Open-source software, hosted in the EU and completely independent.
  • Minimal data collection: no personal data is collected, and all data is aggregated.
  • No tracking across devices or websites.
  • Complies with strict EU privacy laws.
  • Users retain full control and ownership of their data.
  • Transparent business model, funded by subscribers, not data trading.

Plausible offers a simple, lightweight alternative that doesn't hurt your website's performance or privacy.

When you have a website created by Code-on, we always primarily choose Plausible, unless you ask for Google Analytics or another tool. We also don't actually need a cookie banner when you come to our website, since we don't track you or sell data to third parties.

Moreover, with Plausible Analytics, you step away from the complexity and overwhelming amount of data offered by Google Analytics. Instead, Plausible offers a streamlined, understandable set of data that is actually actionable for website owners. This approach makes it easier to make improvements to your site without the need to dive deep into the data.


Respecting visitor privacy goes hand in hand with compliance with GDPR and other privacy laws, so using Plausible also helps you meet legal requirements. This without the need for complicated consent forms or other hurdles that can affect the user experience.

Plausible is not just a tool for analytics; it is a statement against the surveillance economy. In an era when online privacy is under increasing pressure, Plausible offers an alternative that allows companies to make ethical choices about how they handle user data.

As a self-hosted option, Plausible also offers flexibility for those who want to maintain complete control over their analytics data. This is especially important for companies with strict data storage policies or those who simply do not want their data stored on third-party servers.

In short, Plausible Analytics represents a more transparent, honest approach to web analytics. By switching to Plausible, you not only support the privacy of your website visitors, but also contribute to a healthier Internet ecosystem.

Price Plausible

While Plausible Analytics offers numerous benefits, including privacy protection and minimizing data collection, it is important to note that this service is not free. This contrasts with services such as Google Analytics, which are offered at no direct cost. Plausible's revenue model relies on user subscriptions rather than collecting and selling user data. We at Code-on always offer a Plausible account within our software maintenance contract.

Choosing a paid model has several advantages. First, it ensures that Plausible's focus is entirely on delivering value to its users, rather than monetizing their data. This model promotes a direct relationship between the service and its customers, with feedback and user needs central to the development of the platform.

In addition, the subscription structure helps Plausible remain independent and self-sufficient. Without reliance on outside investors or the pressure of ad revenue, Plausible can stay true to its core values of privacy and transparency. This independence also ensures that Plausible can continue to innovate and improve in ways that serve its user community best.

Plausible's paid model also assures users that their data is and remains exclusively theirs. This is in stark contrast to free services, where the data collected is often used as part of the company's revenue model. With Plausible, the privacy of website visitors and the integrity of their data is of paramount importance.

In short, the fact that Plausible is not free reflects its commitment to a fair, transparent and privacy-oriented analytics platform. It enables Plausible to provide a sustainable and user-centric service, free from the conflicts of interest that often occur with free platforms.

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