Custom web development

Custom Web Design by Code-in: Where Quality and Innovation Come Together

Our approach is fundamentally different!

A creative and professional-looking photo showing a web designer working on an advanced, custom website on a computer in a modern, innovative workspac

When you request a quote for a new Web site, you often encounter surprises. The price differences can be enormous, and for those not at home in the world of web design, it is a challenge to understand and appreciate these differences.

This is where Code-in makes a difference. But how exactly do we explain what sets us apart?

Let's start at the beginning: the cheapest segment in web design. Here you will find companies offering standard websites, often based on existing templates or platforms such as WIX and Squarespace. This works fine for many applications, but not for us at Code-in. We believe in customization, because every client is unique and has specific needs.

Our approach is fundamentally different. Every website and software we develop must:

For us, customization doesn't just mean building a website. It means integrating and automating business processes, tailored to what you really need. This not only increases efficiency, but transforms the way you do business.

For this level of personalization, we deliberately choose advanced frameworks and software, such as Django and Wagtail. These tools allow us to address and solve any problem programmatically.

We also pay a lot of attention to optimization. We use tools such as Google Lighthouse to test our websites for speed, SEO and accessibility. We strive for high scores in these areas, as a fast, accessible and easily findable website ultimately provides the best experience for your users.

Finally, maintenance of your website is crucial. With us, you don't have to worry about suddenly being faced with an "end of life" scenario, where you have to invest heavily in a new version. We provide regular and proactive maintenance. Thus, we have effortlessly upgraded websites from Wagtail versions 1 to 5, without burdening our clients with the need for a completely new website.

At Code-in, we understand that your website is more than just a digital business card. It is an essential part of your business operations, which is why it deserves the attention and expertise we provide.