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SaaS Applications

When you want to sell software as a service, we call it a SaaS application (Software as a Service). For example, a startup can provide a well-defined service this way or an existing company can use SaaS to sell an online service. Code-on has created several SaaS applications. These applications are fairly intensive to create because many hundreds if not thousands of people need to be able to use them. Therefore, you need the right programmers for this.

  • MVP (minimal viable product) consulting
  • UI & UX optimization
  • Startup opportunities
  • Consulting and feasibility study
  • REST API development
  • Python, Django, Flask, Mysql, Postgresql, Django Ninja

Developing SaaS applications


We design a prototype with the customer to see how the application can work


Minimal viable product is the best way to test your product on the market. We look at the minimum needed to make the application work. Then the product can go to market quickly and we can learn from potential problems.


We work with the client to see how we can come up with a return on investment


We analyze how the application is used and create a dashboard with metrics such as MMR, Churn rate, ARR ... or we connect the application to an analytics tool.


We keep monitoring tools on the application. So that every bug is reported via Sentry or load times. This way, we are always aware of potential problems and take short cuts to resolve them.

Python + VUE + API

With Python, we can provide a back office to say YOU to. With Vue, we make sure your frontend will work super smooth. For that we develop API, which can also be given to third parties if needed.

SaaS applications

Creating SaaS applications is perhaps the most demanding. UI/UX must be perfect. The software code must be well put together with great attention to prerequisites and maintenance. The number of tests written must always be thought through extensively in advance. In addition, you must always think carefully about which features you are adding, and why. Where in other cases you might quickly put a checkbox, with SaaS you can't just do that, because all functionalities must always be clear and structured for the user. In Code-on you will find a partner who thinks critically with you about each feature, and so together we build the SaaS project steadily...


Developing SaaS applications

If you have an idea for a SaaS application discuss it with us without obligation. We can then think together about the possibilities and feasibility of your project.

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