An ERP tailored to your needs

The ideal ERP system, is tailored to your business

Enterprise Resource Planning, from inventory management to integrated software system

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and an ERP - system, in short, is the software system that allows you to manage products, services, employees and all other resources within your company in a clear and structured way.

So it can be seen as an integrated software program that helps you control all facets of the business without getting lost in a multitude of tools.

For example, do you want to do inventory management, applying the FIFO, LIFO or Just-In-Time principle and then wish to integrate all this with your cash register system or other administration programs? Then a solid ERP system that helps you with logistics management in your company is what you need.

Custom ERP systems

There are a lot of standard ERP systems on the Internet that you can simply purchase and implement into your existing business processes. But is that the most efficient way? If your business processes are in place and have reached maximum efficiency, and if the activities your company performs are fairly 'standard', then yes.

What if you feel that there are still too many administrative detours and you could use some advice on how to make things more efficient? Or what if your company's activities are too unique to pump into a pre-made ERP system? A tailor-made ERP system will initially entail a greater cost but should be seen as an investment. If that one-time expense suddenly allows you to work more efficiently, faster and with fewer errors, it is not a waste of money but a smart investment in the future. And let that be precisely what the buzzword "innovate" is all about.

Code-on optimizes business processes

At Code-on, we like to philosophize about how things can be done better without sticking to small talk and spewing vague ideas. We analyze business processes, try to optimize them with the client, and get to work developing an ERP system that provides the support needed. No more, no less.

Interested? Join us for coffee and prepare for a digital revolution within your company.

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