Streamlining Camp Management and Administration with Django-built Software

Roeland Language Camps: An Integrated Software Solution for Camp Management

Code-on has been developing a comprehensive management system for Roeland Language Camps since 2014, covering camp planning, volunteer management and administrative tasks. Built with Django, the software streamlines all facets of camp organization and administration.


Code-on has been the technology partner for Roeland Language Camps since 2014, developing a comprehensive management system for their diverse needs. This includes everything from camp planning and volunteer management to invoicing and lost-and-found functionality. Built with Django, our system enables the Roeland administration team to efficiently manage orders, invoices, schedules, and budgets.

The solution was designed to address Roeland Language Camps' unique challenges, including tracking a variety of documents, handling volunteer reimbursements and providing comprehensive administrative control. The result is a seamless, integrated platform that helps the administrative team streamline their work and ensure a high-quality experience for both staff and language camp participants.