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An Australian client engaged our web development expertise to create a platform dedicated to promoting a plastic-free world.

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We not only developed the Wagtail website for, but also created a comprehensive platform. This platform is designed for companies that rely on plastic in their production processes. Phantm offers a 100% environmentally friendly alternative to plastic. However, companies often face questions such as: What are the costs? How much CO2 savings does it generate? What is the impact on the environment? How can I integrate this into my current production process? And how do I replace existing parts in that process?

To answer these questions, Phantm asked us to develop a system. This system enables companies to understand these important factors and thus make an informed switch to more environmentally friendly alternatives.

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For this Australian client, we are building out a complete dashboard where companies dealing with plastic can see exactly what the environmental impact is and what alternatives are offered.
On this dashboard, we provide in-depth insights and analysis on the total environmental impact of the production and use of different types of plastic. Each variable, from production to disposal, is closely tracked and updated to give companies a clear picture of their environmental impact.
But that's not all. In addition to providing insight into environmental impact, we also strive to help companies take active steps toward a more sustainable future. This means that we also present alternative solutions that can help reduce the amount of plastic produced and consumed.
These alternatives include a range of solutions, from changing production methods to using alternative, more environmentally friendly materials. Each alternative is provided with detailed explanations and explanations so that companies can adequately decide which step is best for their particular situation.
With this dashboard, we have built a robust reliable tool that allows companies not only to assess their carbon footprint, but also to make strong, informed decisions about how to reduce it. We believe that with this tool we can help companies play an important role in the overall effort to reduce plastic pollution and contribute to a more sustainable world.

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