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Every year many thousands of children come to watch at Play Point


Case Study: Playpoint - Creating Unforgettable Adventures for Children


Speelpunt is an extraordinary indoor play paradise located in Zwevegem, Belgium, where children can experience 16 amazing adventures with Lemmie, the friendly lemur mascot. With a wide range of activities including climbing, skating, jungle exploration, LEGO building, disco dancing and laser limbo, Speelpunt offers a filled experience full of fun for children of all ages. Parents can also join in the excitement or relax in the cozy cafeteria while their children play.


Client Goals:

The primary goal of Play Point is to provide children with a unique and memorable experience. By offering various activities and ensuring a safe and engaging environment, Play Point strives to become a favorite destination for families who want to enjoy and spend quality time together. The secondary goal is to promote the various services offered such as birthday parties, group visits and school trips, highlighting the convenience of online ticket booking and cost-saving options.

Key features and functionality:

Diversity of Adventures:

Play Point offers 16 fantastic adventures to suit different interests and preferences. From physical activities like climbing and skating to imaginative play in the jungle or with LEGO, children can discover and enjoy diverse and engaging experiences. The diverse offerings ensure that every child can find something they enjoy.

Additional Services:

To accommodate special occasions and group visits, Speelpunt offers several options such as birthday party packages, group menus and school tour arrangements. By offering flexibility in terms of menus and arrangements, Play Point strives to accommodate different preferences and budgets.

LAGO Group Affiliation:

As part of the LAGO group, which operates several water parks throughout Belgium, Speelpunt offers visitors the opportunity to combine their visit with a water adventure at nearby LAGO Kortrijk Weide or LAGO Gent Rozebroeken. This partnership allows families to enjoy a comprehensive entertainment experience and enhances their visit to Speelpunt.

Opening Hours and Ticket Sales:

Play Point is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., giving families plenty of time to enjoy the facilities. By offering online ticket booking, Play Point simplifies the process for visitors and allows them to save money compared to buying tickets at the entrance. In addition, the availability of a family pass with unlimited climbing fun encourages repeat visits and rewards loyal customers.

Results and Impact:

Since its inception, Speelpunt has become a prominent destination for families seeking an unforgettable adventure in Zwevegem, Belgium. By offering a wide range of activities and ensuring a safe and engaging environment, Speelpunt has successfully attracted children and their parents, resulting in quality time and the creation of treasured memories. Its diverse offerings, including birthday party packages, group visits and school trip arrangements, have positioned Play Point as an ideal choice for special occasions and organized outings. The flexibility in menus and packages allows visitors to tailor their experiences to their preferences and budget. The partnership with the LAGO Group further strengthens Play Point's appeal by offering the ability to combine visits with water adventures, providing a comprehensive entertainment experience for families. With its convenient online ticket booking system and the availability of a family pass, Speelpunt has simplified the ticketing process and rewarded loyal customers, resulting in increased visitor satisfaction and loyalty. Speelpunt's dedication to creating a memorable and enjoyable experience for children has established it as a leading indoor play paradise in Zwevegem, Belgium. By consistently delivering on the promise of fun and excitement, Speelpunt has become a popular destination for families seeking a day filled with laughter and unforgettable adventures.

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