Case Study: GFG® - Ensuring Travelers' Peace of Mind


GFG® (Garantiefonds Reizen®/Fonds de Garantie Voyages®) is a travel insurance company that offers financial insolvency guarantees to travel organizers, resellers, and travel agencies operating within the EU. By becoming a member of GFG®, these travel professionals can provide travelers with protection in the event of their bankruptcy. The official homepage of GFG®, available in Dutch and French, serves as a comprehensive resource for both travelers and travel professionals seeking information about the services and benefits offered by GFG®.

Client Goals:

The primary goal of GFG® is to ensure travelers' peace of mind by providing a financial safety net in the event of travel company bankruptcy. GFG® aims to inform travelers about their rights and the protection available to them. Simultaneously, the company aims to attract travel professionals to become members of GFG® by highlighting the advantages of affiliation and showcasing the trustworthiness and expertise of the organization.

Key Features and Functionality:

Traveler Section:

The website's traveler section offers valuable information to help individuals understand the role and benefits of GFG®. Visitors can learn how to recognize GFG® members and gain insight into the claims process in the event of bankruptcy. Contact information for GFG® is readily accessible, ensuring travelers can reach out for assistance or clarification.

Travel Professional Section:

The travel professional section of the website targets industry stakeholders interested in becoming GFG® members. It provides detailed information about the advantages, membership conditions, procedures, and associated fees. By clearly outlining these aspects, GFG® aims to attract travel professionals seeking to enhance their credibility and provide financial protection to their customers.

Multilingual Support:

Recognizing the diverse linguistic needs of its audience, GFG® offers the website in both Dutch and French. Users can easily switch between languages using the flag icons located at the top right corner of the page. This language accessibility ensures that all visitors can access relevant information comfortably.

Simple and Clear Design:

The website's design focuses on simplicity and clarity, with a color scheme dominated by blue and white. The logo, reminiscent of a globe with an airplane, conveys the travel-oriented nature of GFG®. This clean and intuitive design enhances user experience, allowing visitors to navigate the website effortlessly and locate the desired information.

Results and Impact:

Since its establishment in 1997, GFG® has solidified its position as a reputable travel insurance company offering financial protection against travel company insolvencies. The official website serves as a crucial tool in fulfilling GFG®'s goals by providing travelers and travel professionals with essential information about GFG®'s services, benefits, and processes.

For travelers, the website serves as a trusted resource for understanding their rights and finding guidance in case of bankruptcy. The clear and concise information empowers them to make informed decisions, promoting confidence and peace of mind during their travel experiences.

For travel professionals, the website showcases the advantages of joining GFG® as a means to enhance their credibility and offer financial protection to their customers. By highlighting the expertise and longevity of GFG®, the website attracts potential members, fostering the growth and reputation of the organization.

Through regular updates and news announcements, the website keeps visitors informed about the latest developments regarding GFG® and its member organizations, further reinforcing GFG®'s position as a reliable and trusted travel insurance provider.

GFG®'s commitment to providing valuable and reliable information through its website has contributed to its success in ensuring travelers can explore the world with peace of mind, knowing that they are protected by a reputable and experienced travel insurance company.