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Vizit is a guide organization that offers a unique and immersive way to explore beloved cities beyond the usual tourist attractions. By focusing on revealing hidden secrets, experiencing local flavors, capturing beauty through photography and fostering a connection with the city and its residents, Vizit offers unforgettable and personalized experiences for travelers. With a diverse range of cities, themes and photographic walks, Vizit caters to its clients' diverse interests and passions.


Customer goals:

Vizit's primary goal is to provide an alternative approach to city exploration, allowing visitors to go beyond the surface and dive into the unique stories, tastes and perspectives that define a city's identity. By creating a dynamic and engaging experience, Vizit strives to create a deep connection between travelers and the cities they visit, creating lasting memories and inspiring a sense of belonging.

Key features and functionality:

Variation in city selection:

Vizit presents more than 20 cities in Belgium and the Netherlands, each with its own unique charm, history and personality. This variety allows customers to choose their favorite destinations or explore new places, providing a diverse set of experiences.

Extensive theme selection:

Vizit offers more than 100 themes to cater to a wide range of interests and curiosities. Whether customers are passionate about art and architecture, crime and mystery, chocolate and beer, or fashion and design, Vizit offers an array of engaging options that showcase the unique aspects of each city.

Enthusiastic and knowledgeable guides:

Vizit's guides are more than just tour guides; they are storytellers, entertainers and experts who go beyond sharing facts. They create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, sharing their passion, humor and local knowledge to make travelers feel like friends rather than visitors. Through their expertise, they reveal the highlights, hidden gems and captivating stories that bring the city to life.

Photo walks:

In addition to traditional tours, Vizit offers photo walks for individuals who want to capture the essence of the city through their own lens. Suitable for participants of all levels, these walks offer tips and techniques to improve their photographic skills and express their creativity. By focusing on details, composition, lighting and post-processing, participants can create lasting memories and create unique visual representations of the city.

Results and impact:

Vizit has successfully positioned itself as a leading guide organization that goes beyond conventional city tours, attracting travelers seeking unique and immersive experiences. Its diverse range of cities and themes ensures that clients can find offerings that match their interests, encouraging them to explore different aspects of the cities they visit. Thanks to the dedication and expertise of the guides, Vizit has created a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere, fostering a sense of connection and camaraderie among travelers. By sharing engaging stories, local recommendations and amusing anecdotes, the guides contribute to a memorable and enriching experience that goes beyond providing factual information. Vizit's photography walks have also impressed individuals who want to capture the essence and atmosphere of a city through their own creative lens. The guidance and feedback from Vizit's photography experts enable participants to improve their skills and techniques, resulting in visually appealing and personal photographic stories. By creating unforgettable memories, fostering a sense of connection and encouraging creative expression, Vizit has successfully positioned itself as the ultimate way to explore and connect with beloved cities. With a focus on personalized experiences, storytelling and capturing the spirit of each location, Vizit has redefined the concept of city exploration, making a lasting impact on the travelers it serves.

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