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Raspberry pi for IOT

The Raspberry PI is an ideal computer internet of things.


For an unspecified chain we created software where 700 Raspberry Pi are responsible for advertising movies and menus on screens

This chain displays its menu card with accompanying advertising movies digitally above the cash registers. We made sure that these 700 screens are controlled by a Raspberry Pi. We chose this solution because often the internet was not optimal in the chain. So just streaming was definitely not a solution. The Raspberry Pi downloads the content in advance and plays the movies and menu cards according to a certain script imposed by the editors.

So when the chain woud sell more milkshakes at 5 p.m. then the system shows more milkshakes around that hour.

Additional problem was that the prices in the movies had to be dynamically adjusted. For example, when it is low time. Or in a crowded place the movies should show a different price depending on location and time. To streamline this we came up with a system where the prices are dynamically rendered on the server and then distributed to one of the 700 Raspberry Pi in the store.

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