Deploy & support & hosting

Code-on takes responsibility for deploying, maintaining and hosting your project, allowing you to fully focus on developing and improving it. With our expert support, you are assured of a smooth and reliable online presence. That way, you can devote yourself to what really matters: refining and expanding your project without worry.

Hosting Django applications on Linux servers is a core part of our services at Code-on. We understand the importance of reliability, scalability and security for your web projects. That's why we offer each client a dedicated server specifically tailored to the needs of their project. This personalized offering not only ensures optimal performance and security, but also provides the flexibility to grow as your needs change.

Our Linux servers are optimized for Django applications, which means we provide a stable and efficient environment for your web projects. The choice of Linux stems from its robustness and adaptability, features that are essential for running dynamic and complex web applications. In addition, our expertise in server management and maintenance ensures that your application is always up-to-date and secured against the latest vulnerabilities.

We understand that the needs of your project may change, which is why our hosting solution is designed with scalability in mind. It's easy to purchase additional server space or upgrade your server capacity, so your project can continue to grow without any limitations. Whether it's increasing storage capacity, improving processing power or expanding bandwidth, we provide seamless scaling to fit the development of your project.

By choosing Code-on to host your Django application, you are choosing a partner committed to the technical excellence and success of your project. You can fully focus on the development and growth of your project, while we provide a solid and scalable hosting infrastructure that supports your digital presence.