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Web design with lots of web development

Code-on is located in Aalst at the Sint-Jobstraat. We already have more than 10 years of experience in building websites and web applications. Clients choose us for our technical skills, because a lot of websites need more than just nice designs. A website has a central role within the company, especially if there are e-commerce or API connections to be made. Code-on's web developers can handle a lot and will always help you authentically with their expertise and insights. More so with Wagtail and Django, Python and Vue you get the best the web development world has to offer. Your website will be the best as a result.

Why Code-on as a web design agency?

Code-on is a web design agency with a strong technical background. A website should be much more than a pretty picture. Above all, it should work for your business. Clients come to Code-on because they know that when it takes more than a website, we're there for them. Building API or web applications and integrations with your website is no problem for us. We have those development skills.


Website with Wagtail

We build our websites with the latest generation of CMS. We can build these headless to create a super fast website experience for the user. Because building a website is now done with frontend technology like VUE and Nuxt.

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Web applications with Django

Code-on is a reference on the use of Django. Django is the web framework to build applications with. To make it even a little better we built the open source Django-Ninja. This way we build super fast the necessary API and frontend capabilities for your web application.

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Where in Aalst

The Code-on office is located in Aalst near the old Capuchin monastery. We are located at the appropriately named Sint-Jobstraat 155 A. It is a beautiful place in Aalst. This is 5 minutes from the E40. Feel free to drop by for a cup of coffee and discuss your project.

Build a website with Code-on?

Do you have an interesting website that you want us to design for you? Do you have a specific question about building that website? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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