E-commerce and webshop solutions

Code-on has a lot of experience in building e-commerce and webshop solutions. We have built several complex solutions in the past. Including B2B webshops for wholesale and distribution. Travel websites with different suppliers as well as guidebook websites.
In short we like challenging E-commerce projects.

  • Integrated payment environment
  • Stock management system
  • Fast performance
  • Mobile friendly
  • High quality & easy to use CMS
  • Expandability to API and ERP

Selling through your website

As webdesigners and software developers, we always have the challenge of converting complex processes into usable interfaces. Often an e-commerce solution is quite complex. There is a lot involved. From how you manage products in the back office, how they connect to cash register systems, invoicing, credit notes, managing discounts, integration with API. In short, you need a team to manage all this on a permanent basis. After all, as a webshop you can't afford down time.


Our webshop services


You are the expert on your business. We build strategy based on that.


With our UI/UX experts, we will work to give you the best possible solution for your website.


Our partners can work with you to create a sophisticated SEA campaign. Maybe we can also help with A/B testing?


Onze partners kunnen met jou een uitgekiende SEA campagne opzetten. Mischien kunnen we ook helpen met A/B testing?

Software ontwikkeling

That what we do. We develop your webshop completely tailored to your needs.


We are always ready for you and solve possible support questions immediately and deploy this on our servers.

What does a webshop cost?

Low complexiteit

We build the webshop with Django or Wagtail. This usually with off the shelf components that we adapt to the needs of your shop. The web shop is not too complex and is fairly clear in terms of products and payments.
Starts from
€ 12 000

Gemiddelde Complexiteit

We are thinking more in terms of an e-commerce solution. Your webshop and website become one and they are also connected with a backend and possibly already an external API. You get extra possibilities for the webshop to expand with different page types and product presentation.
Starts from
€ 24 000

Hoge complexiteit

We are creating a high-performance, highly complex webshop. Multiple people must be able to play with products and prices in the back office. Support must be delivered quickly. The price setting must be able to be automated or the sales must be very automated. Code-on has a lot of experience in this.
Starts from
€ 48 000

Ecommerce solution needed.

Do you need a product, an e-commerce solution. Do not hesitate to contact us, we can help you program solutions tailored to your business.

or, contact us via email info@code-on.be