HTMX and Hyperscript

The pendulum has swung completely to javascript frameworks such as React, VUE, Svelte because people thought you couldn't do enough with just HTML and vanilla Javascript. One person, brave enough started swimming against that current and made HTMX.

Why should HTML be static? Why not take the power of HTML and use a library with it that makes HTML as interactive as, say, VUE. This was the idea of the creator of HTMX. During the pandemic, he started this adventure as a cross-thinker and created a library that does most of what the many frontend frameworks like VUE are made for.

Don't get me wrong. I really like VUE and Nuxt, but I also have to admit that using them can often mean more work and a whole lot of boilerplate code. If you use a frontend framework you are usually stuck with 2 frameworks. One for the backend and one for the frontend and you have to make an intermediate piece, the API, to let those two talk to each other. Often this goes smoothly, but you really have a lot more typing (programming) work to do, which can lead to bugs that need to be fixed. Since I started delving into HTMX, I see that there is a big advantage to using HTMX together with Hyperscript or Alpine.js for building applications. While the responsiveness of a frontend framework will always be superior I don't think it's worth the extra investment in most cases.

HTMX makes application development and interactivity back easier and more down to earth. You can use everything from Django + that nice interactivity that frontend frameworks offer. If you still fall short of HTMX then you have Hyperscript which is from the same author or Alpine.js to help you out. Of course you can also use vanilla javascript.

Think of it this way when using HTMX. You build your application and you sprinkle interactivity over it. With Vue, you start to build everything interactive. The latter gives a magical feeling but also takes a lot more time.

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