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Een CRM systeem: ‘customized’ or ‘off the shelf’?

What is a CRM system and what is it used for?

A 'Customer Relationship Management system', or simply 'CRM system', forms the core of a company and offers support at every step in the interaction with the customer or prospect. It enables the company to keep all information centrally and make it accessible to all employees who can contribute to it. Do you wish to build long-term relationships between your company and your customer or prospect where you start at the base (marketing campaigns) without being inhibited by the coming and going of employees who each own their own working method? A CRM system is exactly what you are looking for!
Be sure to check out this movie on youtube to get a good picture of what a CRM system is exactly.
But .. how do you get to such a CRM system? Do you go for a tailor-made system or would you prefer to focus on one of the existing systems that the current CRM market has to offer? A difficult but very important decision!

Customized vs. off the shelf: pros and cons

'Why does your company need a CRM system and what do you want to use it for?', Is the question that must be asked in advance as the basis for your choice between the two options. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, it is all about what matters to you.
A small company without complicated business processes, a limited budget and not immediately the ambition to grow will, for example, have the most benefit from an off the shelf system. Cheap and most likely exactly what is needed, or even more. On the other hand, you better go for a tailor-made CRM system if your company is already quite large with deep-rooted business processes, or if you want to prepare the company for growth in all sorts of areas and the 'way of working' can be difficult to adapt to the functionalities of an existing CRM system. Because let that be the biggest advantage of a tailor-made or customized CRM system: the system is adapted to the company instead of the company to the system. Training employees in the use of the 'new system' becomes peanuts with a customized CRM system as it does not cause a drastic change in the way of working and one will experience the system as very intuitive. Employees will receive the system with open arms, see the benefits and be satisfied with the recent change within the company, a crucial element in the success of that change. Also compared to competitors, you are a step ahead with a customized CRM system, since nobody will have exactly the same level of efficiency and internal transparency, so you can excel in this. Let us list the advantages and disadvantages of both solutions

Off - the - shelf


  • 'Cheap'
  • Quick start up (limited development required)
  • Little 'maintenance' in the long term


  • Less flexibility: your company must adapt to the system with fixed tools
  • No differentiation compared to the competition
  • Expensive and time-consuming employee training
  • Feels less intuitive
  • Less smooth integration with other systems



  • Adapted to current business processes and way of working
  • Flexibility towards the future in the field of tooling
  • Intuitively therefore minimal training of employees is necessary
  • Differentiation possibilities compared to competition
  • Smooth integration with other systems


  • More 'maintenance' in the long term to constantly match perfectly to internal and external changes
  • More expensive
  • Development period necessary


In short, the choice for 'off the shelf' or 'customized' depends on where you want to go with your company and to what extent you can or want to adapt the company to an existing system. If your company has a fairly unique effect and you always want to respond to internal and external changes, then go for a customized CRM system. Do you need 'something' that you could use 'yesterday', then take an existing system off the shelf. The choice is yours! Need help?
We at Code-on are specialized in the development of all kinds of systems. Building CRM systems is one of our specialties, but even if you opt for an off-the-shelf system with which you want to carry out all sorts of analyzes and on the basis of which you want to develop other systems, we can do something for your company.